What is implant dentistry?

Implant dentistry is a wonder of current dentistry. A tooth implant is a small titanium rod the implant dentist places into your gums. This metal rod fuses with your jawbone. This healing takes between 3-6 months. Once the tooth implant is healed, the implant dentist places a custom made dental crown–basically giving you a “new” tooth root and tooth!

Does a tooth implant look natural?

Implant dentistry has fine tuned its procedures so highly, a teeth implant is usually undetectable by anyone! The implant dentist will make sure the dental crown on top of the tooth implant is customized to be the right size, shape and color so it will match your other teeth. With a teeth implant, smile, laugh and don’t worry about your cousin who is camera happy! Have your photo taken with confidence.

Am I a good candidate for implant dentistry?

If you enjoy good general and dental health, it is most likely that you can receive this implant dentistry procedure near Eagle and Meridian ID with no problems. Each implant dentist in our practice in Boise and Meridian ID is skilled with implant dentistry and can place a teeth implant with skill.

Is the procedure very successful?

For 30 years, teeth implant treatments near Eagle and Meridian ID have been performed by an implant dentist with amazing results, as many happy patients can tell you! Finding the right implant dentist in Boise to perform this implant dentistry procedure can ensure that it may be very successful.

Will the implant dentistry procedure be very painful?

We are careful to make sure you feel as little discomfort as possible. Of course we use all the up-to-date best practices that are part of the tooth implant procedure. But we also offer dental sedation to help you feel more comfortable. Dental anxiety can actually cause you more pain because you are tense. With oral conscious sedation or laughing gas, you may feel far more relaxed and may find that the implant dentistry procedure coupled with the dental sedation is really not painful at all.

Will I have to see more than one dentist to get the implant dentistry procedure?

Some implant dentistry dental practices send out their patients to an oral surgeon to have some of the procedure accomplished. Our implant dentist practice can give you all the treatments you need, from start to finish, right here. This means you can feel right at home at each of your visits with us. Getting a tooth implant procedure all in one office in Boise ID is a great benefit to our patients and we are happy to provide this aspect of implant dentistry to you.