Implants vs Dentures or Bridges

Fill gaps in your smile with a dental bridge in BoiseDo you have missing teeth? Do these missing teeth cause you embarrassment? Have you found it difficult to be around anyone except your closest friends and family? Are some of your teeth getting worn down because you are chewing on them to compensate for your lost teeth? Are you ready to get a functioning, full smile but not sure which dental implant procedure is right for you?

There are several options near Eagle and Meridian ID if you are missing teeth. One of the questions you may be asking is dentures or implants.

What are the differences in the dentures or implants options?

  • Traditional dentures adhere to the gums with adhesive. This can be messy and can also be a little tricky. If the adhesive doesn’t adhere properly, your dentures or implants can click, slip or even fall out! Dentures secured onto dental implants are in there for good. No adhesive, no clicking, no slipping, no falling out. Ever.
  • Traditional dentures require that all your teeth on the top or the bottom be extracted so the denture apparatus can be used properly. With implant supported dentures in Boise, not only can you keep some of your teeth, but the dental implants are also “new” teeth that are secure and will hold the dentures very securely.
  • Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable and often need to be resized because your gums recede and the dentures no longer fit properly. Dental implants in Boise and Meridian ID give you “new” teeth and “new” tooth roots so you have less chance of your gums receding. Not only does this mean your denture apparatus will fit properly, with your face will not get that haggard look that can often happen when you lose your teeth and tooth roots. With dental implant supported dentures in Boise and Meridian ID, your face can keep its symmetrical, natural appearance.

Are there any other procedures besides dentures or implants?

Treat missing teeth with dentures near Eagle IDYes there is. It is using a dental bridge. A dental bridge can be used if you have a few teeth missing side by side. A dental bridge actually bridges over the gap in your smile. If you have several teeth missing, an excellent treatment is to have dental implants placed on each side of the gap and then have a dental bridge fill the gap. A dental bridge looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth because we custom make the dental crowns that top the dental implants and the dental bridge is also customized to your smile. We also color match the dental implants and the dental bridge so they match your smile.

If you have any more questions about dentures or implants, call us near Eagle and Meridian ID today! We are happy to answer any questions about dentures or implants or a dental bridge.