What Our Patients Say

I had worn upper dentures for many years prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Lynn Blaisdell twenty years ago.  My wife Karen, a patient of Dr. Blaisdell, recommended me.  Karen has the most wonderful smile and beautiful white natural teeth.
During the course of the first visits, Dr. Blaisdell fit me with new dentures and repaired my lower natural teeth.  I immediately began to smile and laugh more often.  My self-confidence was visibly enhanced.  At this point, Dr. Blaisdell and I discussed my opportunities and options for implants.  Dr. Blaisdell kept me up to date as the implant technology advanced.  With Dr. Blaisdell’s knowledge of implants, five years ago I made the decision to have the implant procedure completed
I am extremely pleased with my implants, teeth and the treatment and comfort provided by Dr.Blaisdell and his tremendous staff.
I highly recommend the Blaisdell Family Denistry to anyone considering implants or any other types of dental procedure.

Larry M.