Permanent Dentures

”PermanentDo you have missing teeth? Are the gaps in your smile causing your embarrassment? Do you find yourself avoiding spending time with anyone but your closest loved ones? Or maybe you are noticing that some of your teeth are getting worn because they are being overused to compensate for your lost teeth.

There are several  denture options to repair the gaps in your smile. All the options include: a denture apparatus–a permanent denture or a removable denture, a dental bridge, or permanent dentures on denture implants. Our option of choice is the last one–permanent dentures on denture implants.

What are permanent dentures on denture implants?

Permanent dentures on dental implants near Eagle and Meridian ID are a denture apparatus that is secure with dental implants. Traditional full dentures  are adhered to the gums with adhesive. Though this is still an option, there can be problems with this type of denture–slipping, clicking, falling out, they can be unsightly and unnatural looking and require removal to be cleaned. Removable dentures can only be used when you have some teeth still remaining so you can have the removable denture apparatus click onto dental crowns placed on each side of the gap.

Why Choose Permanent Dentures on Denture Implants?

Permanent dentures on denture implants are just that. The denture is attached to dental implants. Dental implants are permanent, sturdy, durable and these permanent dentures look just like natural teeth.

For patients near Eagle and Meridian ID, Permanent dentures have none of the disadvantages of traditional dentures or removable dentures. Because permanent dentures on denture implants are connected to dental implants, there is no mess with adhesive. Permanent dentures on denture implants will not click, slip or fall out. And permanent dentures on denture implants require no special care. Simply brush and floss as you regularly do and see your dentist for regular check ups.

For more information about the marvelous permanent dentures on implant dentures treatment near Eagle, Meridian, and Boise ID, call today!