What are Dental Implants?

Mini Implants are a durable solution to missing teeth in Eagle IDDo you have missing teeth? Are your missing teeth causing you embarrassment–maybe even hindering you from doing the things you love, seeing the people you love, eating the foods you love? Are you finding that some of your other teeth are getting worn down because they are being overused to compensate for your missing teeth?

There are a variety of solutions in Eagle and Meridian ID for you, but the one we recommend is to have dental implants or mini implants placed to replace your missing teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Eagle and Boise are small metal (titanium) rods placed into your gums, where they fuse with your jawbone. Within 3-6 months while they heal, we place temporary dental crowns on the dental implants in Eagle and Meridian ID. The answer to “what are dental implants?” is simply a “new” tooth root and a “new” tooth”! What are dental implants or mini implants? Pretty much a miracle, our satisfied patients say!

What are the dental implants or mini implants options at Blaisdell Family Dentistry?

  • Regular titanium dental implants — These are titanium dental implants that are fit to replace your regular sized teeth.
  • Mini implants — Mini implants are also titanium dental implants, but for smaller spaces. These mini plants are offered in Boise and are just as durable, good-looking and functional as regular titanium dental implants. Mini implants can be the answer when regular titanium dental implants are too big.

What are the benefits of getting dental implants as Blaisdell Family Dentistry?

Replace teeth today with Titanium Dental Implants in Boise

  • Continuity — We provide all phases of the titanium dental implants procedure right in our office in Boise. From consultation, diagnosis, the procedure and the after care, we are here for you in your dental implants procedure so you can feel comfortable and familiar learning what are dental implants with our skilled doctors and caring, well-trained team.
  • Technology — Cone beam technology helps us near Eagle and Meridian ID to design your dental implant procedure from the beginning and all through the process. We are able to place the dental implants or mini implants in Eagle and Meridian ID with accuracy and answer any questions of what are dental implants.
  • Sedation — We offer a couple of dental sedation methods in Meridian ID and Boise: Laughing gas and oral conscious sedation to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your titanium dental implants procedure.
  • Dentures — Implant supported dentures in Meridian ID and Eagle using titanium dental implants, including same day dentures teeth in a day, are another option that these amazing dental implants can assist with.

If you are still wondering “what are dental implants or mini implants?” and want to know more, call us in Boise and Meridian ID today! We would be happy to tell you what are dental implants.